Alps Expedition

The Phoenix expedition to the Alps has just returned safe & sound. Five vehicles made the trip with four entering Le Croisiere Blanche 31.
We did suffer some mechanical troubles, but none that could not be overcome with usual Phoenix esprit d'acord.
For me the most memorable elements of the event were the stunning scenery & the continuous laughter. Some pictures are in the gallery...

Non Stick Nick

Phoenix wins Interclub Challenge Trophy for a second time

The Phoenix Land Rover Club proudly announce that they have retained the Land Rover Club, Interclub Challenge Trophy, for the 2nd year running.
Pictures will follow shortly but in the mean time many congratulations to... Bob, Brendan, Chris, George, Ian, Nick, Paul, Rea, Richard, & Captn Steve.
To all the teams in next year's competition we say "be afraid, be very afraid, cos if we win it for the third time, we keep the trophy"!

Phoenix saves the day!

Email received by the Chairman that reflects the Phoenix spirit...
"I just wanted to thank everyone who helped to pull me out by Salisbury Racecourse on Saturday 26th. I am the fool in the white Vitara!!! I promise that I will never EVER do this kind of thing again. I had literally just realised I had bellied out and realised that I was about to get very dirty, when we saw your LR convoy appear out of the sticks. Perfect timing. I hope I did not disrupt your trek too much, but I bet you all had a laugh about it! Anyway, thanks again, you really saved the day."
Regards, Simon